WKNDX: Koen Baakman & Alette Sonneveld

Did you know you were here? Nobody told me.


Koen Baakman (1990), attempts to estrange spaces through visual, audible and textual means.

In form oftentimes minimal, my work is based on my wish to change one's perception of a physical or mental space for a certain amount of time. Additionally, the feeling of (collectively) being able to connect to something on a visceral level is very dear to me. I am, however, all too aware that these moments can be fleeting.

But perhaps they should be.


Alette Sonneveld, (1991)

Alette Sonneveld's work implies to be part of an unknown state, government or country. Past, present or future. Connotations of good and evil have been taken away, as such, the only thing that remains is visual and textual power.

Power reminiscent of fascism, communism and catholicism.


Opening Vrijdag 25 november

Open van 19:30 tot 22:00 u

Officiele opening 20:00 u


Zaterdag 26 november

13:00 tot 17:00 u

Zondag 26 november

13:00 tot 17:00 u






24_pyramid screenshot-1

 Koen Baakman, Environment 10 (a pyramid and flames), video 2016